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 By Puthill Writing

Two words: CHOCOLATE BROWNIES  Most of us love them, to some they are temptation personified. Those from Flossie’s Yummies are especially so, which is why this little kitchen business has got itself a reputation for making possibly the best Brownies in Somerset. There’s a lot more besides, all so utterly toothsome, and excellent quality at prices that aren’t anywhere near ridiculous.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Flossie’s Yummies, let me tell you, if you like cakes, you need to know about them. Sarah, who’s the talent behind Flossie’s Yummies, has built up quite an enterprise baking and delivering insanely scrumptious Brownies, Rocky Road, cream teas with Brownies and scones, cheesecakes (vanilla, lemon, biscoff, and peanut butter) and cakes; carrot cake, lemon drizzle, chocolate cake, all guaranteed to get your tastebuds dancing with delight, doing triple somersaults, cartwheels and all.

But those famous Brownies! Sarah makes them in a range of flavours, apart from the usual she does mixed choc chunk, white choc chunk, chocolate orange, peanut butter, and plain chocolate. She even makes a Brownie Pizza, with a mixture of toppings, something different that’s popular for gifts and occasions. It’s rather a nice story, how Flossie’s Yummies came about; Sarah has enjoyed baking since her children were tinies and they needed cakes for school cake days. When the children grew older and Sarah went back to work she started taking homemade cakes in to share with colleagues; to say they went down well is clearly an understatement as people wanted Sarah to make cakes for them, for occasions, and just for treats. That was a pivotal moment; Sarah decided that presentation and having a brand name mattered, so she set up a Facebook page for the newly christened Flossie’s Yummies, got her kitchen inspected and approved for commercial baking (she has a Hygiene Rating of 5), and started doing a stall at local events. It’s been going a few years now and Sarah still does all the baking herself, although her family are more than happy to help out during tasting sessions and with clearing up any leftovers!

What goes into her cakes matters to Sarah so she uses local ingredients wherever possible; all eggs are free range from hens that roam happily in a Somerset farmyard, butter, milk and cream are also locally produced. She makes gluten free Brownies too, and GF Brownie Pizzas, with both being a regular feature on her stall. Does Sarah give in to temptation? Of course she does – for a start, she needs to know her yummies taste good, but her real favourites are Rocky Road and Lemon cheesecake.

So, say you want to try brownies from Flossie’s Yummies, how does that happen? Well, pop over to the Flossie’s Yummies Facebook page and give it a like, then you’ll see what Sarah’s baking each week, so you can put your order in. If there’s anything else you want just let her know. She goes out delivering her wares on Fridays as a rule, so that people have their treats in for the weekend. She can also cater for events – as an example, she’s provided cream teas for garden parties, and at Christmas she made 30 boxes of mixed Brownies for corporate treats. When she’s not busy in the kitchen, Sarah loves nothing better than a peaceful cycle ride or a long walk in the beautiful countryside near where she lives. She finds it a good way to combine exercise and fresh air and to recharge her batteries; when time allows you’ll find her heading down to Cornwall to explore the coastline, with her faithful cockapoo beside her.

Oh, and one more thing. The name – Flossie’s Yummies, where did that come from? Well, that’s rather sweet because Flossie is what Sarah’s Dad used to call her when she was small, and Yummies speaks for itself of course. We like that, that’s lovely.

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